Artist Coaching and Mentorship

‘Don’t Die with the music still inside you’ Wayne Dyer

"Creativity Takes Courage"

– Henry Matisse

Coaching and Mentorship for Creatives - Available Soon

Thank you for your keen interest in the forthcoming artist coaching and mentorship program, currently in the developmental phase. I invite you to express your interest by clicking on the button below. Your curiosity and enthusiasm is greatly valued.

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and creative transformation with me as your artist coach.

I’v been immersed in the music scene from a young age, influenced by my father’s extensive LP Collection, his gigs as a drummer and at home while he strummed a guitar and sang songs from a Beatles music notation book. At 14, I began crafting my own songs, eventually joining my first band at 18 and recording a demo album. Over the years, I’ve participated in various musical projects, culminating in the independent recording of a full album in 2017, collaborating with accomplished musicians in South Africa. Amidst the pandemic, I relocated to Berlin and enrolled in a year-long online mentorship program with The Songwriting Academy, led by Martin Sutton, based in the UK. I am so excited to announce my first solo album and already have new songs for my next musical endeavour.


I have received my attunement as a Reiki 2 practitioner with certification from the Visionary School of Reiki and in the process of getting certified as an Art Life Therapist and Happiness Coach through Holistico Having navigated the labyrinth of depression, self-sabotage and limiting belief patterning , I’ve emerged resilient, armed with Positive Psychology techniques, energy and mindfulness practices that paved the way for my creative abundance.

By tapping into my intuition through heart-centered healing, I’ve cultivated a reservoir of limitless creativity. This fusion of Reiki, music therapy, Shamanism, and manifestation techniques has not only healed my own wounds but has also empowered me to guide others on their unique journey towards creative fulfillment.

I firmly believe that within each person lies an untapped wellspring of creativity. Through the techniques I’ve mastered, I am committed to helping you access and harness your innate creative brilliance.

As your guide and coach, I provide a supportive space for you to explore and embrace your artistic gifts. Whether you are a seasoned artist seeking new inspiration or just beginning to recognize your creative spark, we can together explore the transformative power of energy healing, mindfulness, and the ancient secrets of manifestation and Shamanism.

Embark on this profound journey with me, and let’s delve into the vast landscapes of your creativity. I am confident that, with the right guidance and a holistic approach, you can manifest your unique vision and bring your creative aspirations to life.


Course Outline

This represents an example of the diverse subjects we’ll thoroughly explore during our coaching sessions.                             You can look forward to receiving various exercises tailored to help you apply your newfound insights and ideas

I. Introduction to Creative Flow and Identifying Blocks
A. Understanding Creative Flow and its Benefits
B. Common Blocks: Perfectionism, External Validation, Limited Beliefs
C. Strategies for Recognizing and Overcoming Blocks

II. Cultivating Presence and Tapping into Intuition
A. Setting Intentions
B. Mindfulness practices for Presence
C. Grounding Exercises for Stability and Focus

III. Practicing for Progress: Embracing Incremental Improvement
A. Understanding the Concept of “Practice Makes Perfect”
B. Deliberate Practice Techniques for Musicians
C. Setting Realistic Goals and Tracking Progress

IV. Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Limiting Beliefs
A. Challenging Perfectionism and Fear of Failure
B. Seeking Internal Validation and Self-Compassion
C. Building Resilience Against External Criticism

V. Embracing Resistance and Cultivating Discipline
A. Understanding Resistance and its Role in Creativity
B. Strategies for Overcoming Resistance and Procrastination
C. Establishing Rituals and Routines for Creative Practice

VI. Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life
III. Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life
A. Observational Exercises in Daily Routine
B. Exploring Artistic Inspiration in Nature and Urban Surroundings
C. Techniques for Capturing Ideas and Insights



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Unite with the MerakianSoul Tribe, to find out all the latest news, gigs and releases.



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